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Automotive Electronic System Interface SHA MLA
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The transient voltage produced by switching on-off of electronic devices and direct or indirect surge will disturb the equipment. The surge test is used to inspect the ability of resistance surge.


IEC61000-4-5 defines the transient as two waveforms: 1.2 x 50μs open circuit waveform and 8 x 20μs short waveform.

(C)Surge Generator

(D)Surge Test Level

Level KV in open circuit
1 0.5
2 1
3 2
4 4
X Others

(E)Surge Measurement Method

(1)1.2/50μs Surge:
This is the analog surge waveform when indoors lightning traces generated by the sensor over-voltage. Use for the equipment over-voltage withstand surge ability, main test areas: communications equipment, power supply terminal and building signal line test.
(2)1.2/50us and 8/20us mix surge waveform:
the surge generator output of a specific open / short circuit characteristics of the waveform. Open circuit of the generator output, the output waveform is 1.2/50us open circuit voltage; generator output short circuit, the output waveform is 8/20us the short-circuit current wave. This feature of the surge generator is mainly used for the device-side voltage withstand level test, main test areas: communications equipment, power supply terminal and buildings within the alignment of the signal line test.
(3)10/700us impulse voltage:
outdoor traces generated by lightning when lightning over-voltage analog waveform. For the device over-voltage tolerance standards test waveform, the main test:
outside the building alignment of the signal line test.
(4)8/20us rush current: the analog waveform of the induced over-current in the cable when lightning equipment lightning over-current tolerance standards test standard waveform, mainly used for communications equipment, power port, the signal port, antenna port .

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