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New products “Chip Surge Protection Devices (CSPD)” launched for Automotive

Developing new products CSPD for Automotive

Researching large capacitor products for networking/ security circuit protection

Developing load dump protection for automotive market

“SFI Electronics Technology (Shenzhen) Inc.” established to expand market in China

Developing “Low Capacitance Array Suppressors”

Acquiring the government subsidy to develop “piezoelectricity multilayer construction and Micro-generator technology”

ISO-14001 environmental management certification

New products 0201 multilayer varistors launched

ISO/TS16949 certification

Enlarge production and established Taoying plant 2

Apply ISO/TS16949 Certification for Automotive market

Research and Development of 0201 multilayer varistors

Researching new products“Ultralow Capacitance”multilayer varistors and launched in 2006 Electronica exhibition in Munich, Germany.

Due to 2002/95/EC RoHS directive, the production lines changed to lead-free process

Launched new products Multilayer Varistors in array type

Acquired the government subsidy for “Array Varistors Development Plan”

Cooperated with Taipei Technology University for researching and developing of lead-free ZnO varistors construction and electric functions

Due to 2002/95/EC RoHS detective (the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment), it restricts to use Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr6+ , PBB and PBDE from 2006/7/1. SFI begins to research lead-free products and process

SFI Electronics Technology Inc. established

ISO-9001 Quality System Certification

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About us

SFI Electronics Technology Inc. is established in Jan. 2000. We are the professional manufacturer of protective components in circuit, “Transient Voltage Suppressor” (also called Varistors), EMI Filters (Noise interference) and EMI/ESD Filter (Noise interference and electrostatic discharge) with dual functions. SFI continue to expand the market and sale globally with own brand “SFI”. SFI has the strong marketing team and alliance agents in order to serve and support customers. Also, we provide service anytime through internets to satisfy various demands of customers.


“ To be a strong and global team for electronic protective components”. In order to realize the visions, we have to be:

  1. Advanced technology leader:
    The technology leader is invincible in industry. Through ongoing technology development and the most advanced technology to achieve competitive advantage in product applications.

  2. Professional Manufacturer:
    The professional manufacturer can realize the advanced technology. Through the material development of advanced technology, strict manufacturing management, the largest production capacity and the most rapid delivery service to obtain a competitive advantage in product supply.

  3. Customers Maximum Benefit Provider:
    To provide the products with high-performance quality and the most competitive price, service-oriented and share the result with customers and create the win-win situation.

  4. Best Strategic Partner:
    To seek a good manufacturer of electronic components and strategic alliances, we provide various services through the most prestigious brand "SFI” and the experienced marketing strategy.



Integrity means the core value of company and the characteristic of company. We absolutely obey and respect any commitment to stakeholders: employee, stockholders, customers, suppliers, and social.


“Responsibility” is to be responsible for the company in accordance with duties (right, obligations, commitments). Each employee in their own position use the power to accomplish their work goal. And the management team must safeguard the best benefit of company as a primary responsibility.


"Efficiency" is the use of company resources (such as human resources, equipment, information, resources management etc.) to the most optimal situation, thus enabling the company to acquire the maximum economic benefit.


"Communication" is to build relationships, reduce misunderstanding, strengthen trust, and increase job satisfaction. The ultimate goal is to win the support of employees, to achieve their goal and maximize performance.


"Unity" is the spirit of self-motivated, using various methods to inspire individual potential and continually achieving work goal through team. So that to make each employee a sense of participation, satisfaction, accomplishment, and realize the meaning and purpose of the work.


  1. To insist the implementation of integrity:
    The "Integrity" is on behalf of company core value, which also represents the character of inside and outside company and it is our most important concept. For employee, we recruit people in character and ability. We will not allow the employee with corruption and damage the interests of the company. For customers, once we make a commitment, we must make effort to complete without any cost. For competitors, we will make every effort to competition and never malicious slander. We will respect the intellectual property rights of competitors in industry. For suppliers, we will select objectively and impartially in cooperation.

  2. To focus on professional industry:
    Our industry is “protection components and manufacturing service”, as long as we can actively engage in manufacture and development of the industry, focus on R & D innovation of any possibility. We must obtain the greatest achievements in the industry on “protection component manufacturing service”.

  3. To insist the principles of quality:
    Whether in internal or external company, we serve our "customers". To provide the best service to customers is the "quality assurance" of product. In SFI, quality is the responsibility of every employee. We should not only do our best in excellence attitude, but also keep reviewing and improving, in order to pursue and maintain “customer satisfaction ". "Customer Satisfaction" is the specific practice of "quality assurance".

  4. To encourage innovation and development:
    Innovation is the lifeblood of our sustainable management. Only the continuous pursuit of innovation and technology development, and actively establish the company's intellectual property rights, in all respects, such as marketing, operation or management to emphasize innovative thinking and application. We want to be full of vitality, spirit and aggressive and efficient attitude to cope with rapidly changing of the industry at any time.

  5. Welfare and feedback:
    The shareholders are the real assets of the company owners, and employees are the company's most valuable assets. The interests of shareholders come from the growth of inner value of company. And the employee is the source of creation inner value of company. Therefore, we strive to provide employees with higher welfare measures than the general business. Meanwhile, the shareholders invest company with stable and satisfactory remuneration. “Real corporate social responsibility should be a positive effect, rather than reputation or image. A successful society and a successful business can go at the same time. " Sustainable management and growth of company are taken from the society and we must continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, and look forward to doing a good corporate citizen.