SFI Electronics Technology Inc. announces the chip type of SMD VARISTORS.

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It use of nanotechnology to deal with the abnormal voltage of communications products.

  SFI Electronics Technology Inc. uses the nanotechnology to develop multilayer SMD VARISTORS. It can deal with mobile phones and other communication products, abnormal voltages, and prevent the static electricity to the function of the protection of Electronic Components.

  This advanced chip type of SMD VARISTORS mostly imported by foreign companies. Only a few vendors invest in it but our company has half of domestic market share. Our average produces of 80 million per mouth and the yield rate of the production line is high up to 90%. We also can response market demand to produce of 300 million per month. Our general manager said we invest and produce this type more than 7 years and have 08CH、1206、0805、2220、1812、1210、0603、0402 sizes of this series. Our company is the earliest producer of array products, and we have two sizes of 0508, 0612 series. Recently, we also develop 0201 chip type of SMD VARISTORS and become the first company to have this technology skill in Taiwan.

  The nanotechnology brings changes in the structure of uniformly mixed and can withstand higher over-voltage capability to the components. And the capability of low-voltage in 0402 size can be up to 20KV of electrostatic protection and is better than standard 8KV. This technology makes SFI Electronics Technology Inc. to become the leading manufacturer in the world.

  SFI Electronics Technology Inc. can output of more than 10 million chips of SMD VARISTORS in a year. The products are widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, notebook computers, automotive instrumentation, access control security systems and medical equipment. However, the SMD VARISTORS market will continue to increase because the market still to detrude the 3G mobile phones, PDAs and other multi-functional integrated phone. Those of products will increase the market demand about 3-4 billion chips of SMD VARISORS. These good advantages will help SFI Electronics Technology Inc. to have a good space for development in the future.