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Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) is filled with inert gas in the discharge gap. Accompanied by high activity of the electron emission materials and discharge ignited construction, a special metal ceramic structure through the precious metal sealed in high temperature becomes a gas discharge device. It can be used in transient overvoltage protection and can also be used as the ignition. It’s generally used to protect sensitive telecom equipment such as wires, communication cables, signal lines and data transmission lines to avoid lightning strikes and transient surge voltage damage caused by equipment switching. When the circuit struck by transient over voltage, GDT will be breakdown and impedance decreased rapidly and almost short circuit. The gas tube will release a large current through ground connection or loop circuit. It will also limit the voltage as a low potential to protect circuit and equipment.


  1. Both in SMD type and disc type
  2. High surge voltage up to 6000V. Low leakage current.
  3. High tolerance can withstand up to 20KA
  4. Ultra-low capacitance 0.5pF


  1. Telecommunication equipment, MDF module, XDSL equipment, RF system protection, antenna and power station.
  2. Industrial and consumer electronics devices, the circuit protection of telephones, fax machines and POS systems
  3. Power supply, surge protection devices, and alarm systems
  4. Security RS485, RS232, Ethernet port for overvoltage protection.


  1. Two Elements Mini Series
  2. Two Elements Surface Mount Mini Series
  3. Three Elements Mini Series
  4. Three Elements Standard Series
  5. Three Elements Surface Mount Mini Series
  6. Two Elements Surface Mount Chip Series
  7. Power Protection Arrester Series